Social Engineering & Phishing

Harden your organization’s defenses against social engineering attacks with a multi-vector assessment that uses insider knowledge to test your vulnerabilities.


Social Engineering is an effective, non-technical means for an attacker to infiltrate an organization and secure a foothold by exploiting the “good nature” of human personality. One common route for social engineering involves an individual contacting a help desk claiming to be someone they aren’t. As a result of the help desk staffer wanting to help the individual on the phone, they either disclose information they shouldn’t have disclosed or give unauthorized access to someone they shouldn’t have.

Phishing is a subcategory of social engineering that is very specific to email and identified as one of the top future cybersecurity threats. It has been the root cause of many recent breaches.

Key Benefits


Reduce Risk

Threats from social engineering attacks are so pernicious in part because instead of breaking through a locked door, they work by convincing someone to open the door. Once inside, attackers can wreak broad havoc. With our Social Engineering & Phishing assessment, you can reduce your risk from these threats by reducing the attack vector.


Enhanced Training & Awareness

It’s so difficult to guard against social engineering attacks because it’s a human challenge, not a technical one. By assessing your staff’s response to social engineering, you can then train them on how to improve their performance and increase their awareness of these types of threats.


Multifaceted Approach

Redspin’s approach to testing your organization’s response to social engineering attacks includes a combination of germane client-provided information and our team’s knowledge of the latest trends in social engineering attacks to ensure a complete picture of your readiness.


After Redspin’s Social Engineering & Phishing assessment, your organization will have a greater understanding of your staff’s readiness to prevent social engineering attacks and a communication plan to increase their education, creating a culture of cybersecurity awareness.

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