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Redspin is your expert coach and partner to assess, prepare, and validate your cyber defenses.

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From preparing for and withstanding attacks, to adapting to changing conditions and recovering quickly from disruption, our team of experts’ sole focus is making sure your business is compliant and cyber resilient.

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Resilience Partner Program

Foster continuous growth and garner board buy-in through our unique approach Resilience Partner Program to ensure you have an approach that responds every day.

We meet you at point A on your security and privacy journey and guide you to point B and beyond.

Defense Industrial Base Suppliers

You will feel confident choosing Redspin, the first Authorized CMMC Certified Third-Party Assessor Organization (C3PAO) and Registered Provider Organization (RPO) to support you on your journey to become CMMC certified.


As global cyber-attacks become increasingly more sophisticated, protecting against and avoiding targeted attacks is key to building your cyber offense.

Gain peace of mind with continuous monitoring, testing, and validating that your people, processes, and technology are working as expected.


How We Keep You Secure And Compliant


Understand my gaps and where I need to prioritize my team's efforts to remediate in preparation of building a resilient approach.

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Achieve my goals and objectives while developing an approach that will set me up to respond to breaches in a swiftly manner.

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Optimize my programs and stay on top of the changing environment with resources to guide my team as we develop over time.

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Confirm that my investments, including my people, processes, and technology are working as expected to ensure my organization is resilient.

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How to Prepare for a CMMC Assessment: Learnings From the First Authorized C3PAO

There is an estimated $600 billion dollars in losses impacting the nation’s military supply chain every year due to cybercrime. As an Authorized C3PAO, who underwent and passed our own CMMC Level 3 assessment we noted 4 major lessons learned and as a community, we can lessen the financial impact and secure our nation.

Insights & Innovation

Diverse Industry Experience

At Redspin, we understand that every organization is on its own security and privacy journey and more importantly that there are business nuances, specific regulations, and practices unique to different industries. With our varied backgrounds and experience across disciplines supporting clients in technology, government supply chain, retail, manufacturing, finance, and more, we have the know-how to apply industry-specific or broad industry learnings to your environment.


As a leader in the fast-paced tech space, driving innovation and change, are you securing your technology and the sensitive data it processes for the world of tomorrow?

Government Suppliers

Defense Industrial Base (DIB) suppliers have a very important role in securing the nation’s supply chain. Is your cyber hygiene at the level needed to meet CMMC Certification in order to win Department of Defense contracts?


The financial sector is one of the most targeted industries for cyber attacks, with the amount of sensitive data of your business, partners, and customers flowing through your organization. Do you have any approach that can respond every day?

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