Security Control Validation Assessment

Verify how effective your security safeguards’ are working against today’s threats so you can focus your resources on creating the best defenses and prove ROI.


The Security Control Validation Assessment will reveal how well your controls are protecting your business from different threat actor tools, techniques, and procedures, measuring the capability of your security teams, processes, and technology to determine overall business risk. It tests the effectiveness of various security controls in relation to their expected functionality, providing you with actionable next steps to fix what’s not working and show what is working.

A Security Control Validation Assessment identifies the level of confidence with which an organization can respond to the latest threats, attack patterns, and zero-day vulnerabilities. The assessment also gives you the ability to demonstrate to executives the ROI of your security investments. And by understanding the offensive strategies coming your way, you can prioritize security measures to create the best defense.

Key Benefits


Prove Effectiveness

Compare your organizations’ security effectiveness against myriad threats. This lets you determine your business risk while showing your alignment with compliance and regulatory requirements and determines if the right safeguards are in place and working. 


Validate Specific Capabilities

Drill down to test your capability to combat specific threats, such as ransomware attacks on your network or malware attacks against a remote endpoint. You can see your security strengths and weaknesses more granularly.  


Determine Threat Relevance

There are numerous types and methods of attacks that present varying degrees of danger to your particular business. When you know not only how your security performs against specific attacks but also which are most relevant, you can more strategically allocate resources. 


ROI Analysis

The Security Control Validation Assessment lets you empirically demonstrate the value of your security investment to key stakeholders by measuring your cybersecurity performance and providing insights into where to invest or divest resources. 


The Security Control Validation Assessment reveals your organization’s security effectiveness, associated risks, and impacts of both threats and your investments to combat them. Give IT staff, network administrators, and developers tactical guidance on how to fix the security weaknesses in your particular organization to more effectively drive technical remediation efforts. Track and manage identified vulnerabilities and associated technical remediation efforts so you know when you’ve been successful. This also gives stakeholders insight into ROI. With clear strategic actions in hand, managers and other stakeholders can more accurately and effectively drive policy. They can reduce costs by surfacing any areas of redundancy and eliminating them while improving the organization’s overall security.

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