Red Team

A Red Team offensive exercise tests your defenses against attacks through simulated scenarios to validate the effectiveness of your people, processes, and technology.


Red teaming is the simulation of an advanced persistent threat. Redspin uses the techniques and methods of known malicious groups to identify and quantify the resilience of your organization. 

Blue teaming is the opposite of a red team, actively monitoring for anomalies and quarantining the potential threats. Blue teams work to identify gaps in your security and either fix the issue or add appropriate monitoring to detect incoming threats.

Red team vs. blue team exercises can benefit organizations of all sizes.Test your cybersecurity defenses against threats or assess your security team’s preparedness against a simulated, real world cyber attack. 

Red teams are the attackers, usually unaware of the blue team’s defenses, and the blue team is unaware of the exercise.

Key Benefits


Critical Insight

By having a third party assume the attacker role, your organization is better able to expose security gaps you’d otherwise not uncover in other penetration tests.


Mimics Real World Attacks

The blue team, as the “victim” is unaware of the attack and doesn’t know which part of the infrastructure will be attacked.


You will receive valuable data and analysis showing the “what, when, and how” for the attacks and techniques used. We provide all the tools you’ll need to increase your network monitoring and awareness so that you can boost your team’s resilience against real-world threats.

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