Ransomware Preparedness

Develop a step-by-step playbook with protocols and decision-making procedures in the event of a ransomware attack that minimizes downtime.


Ransomware can have a business-wide impact, and can cause devastation across your business. A runbook is a written plan for managing and responding to a ransomware attack, and it’s indispensable to your organization’s overall ransomware preparedness. 

Redspin’s ransomware preparedness service includes a review of existing controls and practices that help provide protection against, reduce the spread of, and increase the speed to respond and recover from a ransomware attack. The resulting runbook consists of a customized plan that documents escalation procedures as well as who is in charge, who are the key contacts, how you’ll communicate, and how you’ll make decisions.

During a ransomware attack, time is as much of an enemy as the attacker. You have to make crucial decisions such as whether or not to pay the ransom, engage law enforcement, or involve your cyber insurance carrier, and the more time you spend deliberating, the fewer options you have. A runbook ensures that you know how to respond in any given situation, keeping your team aligned at key moments and removing the time threat from the situation. 

Key Benefits


Comprehensive Customization

Rather than a generalized list of policies and procedures, you’ll get a comprehensive runbook that’s customized for your particular organization that’s germane to your industry.


Ready to Respond

Pair comprehensive documentation with internal organizational education to ensure that the entire company is apprised of how to execute the runbook in the face of a ransomware attack.


Subject Matter Expertise

Our consultants have experience with the ramifications of privacy and regulatory breach notifications and can not only create the runbook but run exercises to verify its completeness. 


Your entire organization will be ready to handle a ransomware attack. The runbook will establish clear policies and procedures and reduce the amount of time you have to spend making critical, timely decisions during an attack. Everyone in your organization will know what role they play, who makes decisions, and how to communicate. 

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