IR Program Development/Runbook Development

Develop the incident response procedures and processes needed to swiftly respond to an incident, along with guidance on necessary staff training.


Redspin will leverage our extensive industry knowledge to ensure there are specific procedures for the most common incidents seen today, as well as custom-tailored incident response procedures to guide you and your unique environment through unforeseen incidents and help you plan a subsequent response. 

Our Incident Response (IR) Program Development is designed to develop repeatable, efficient, and effective incident response processes to help you quickly identify threats and increase readiness when a future incident occurs.

Key Benefits


Subject Matter Expertise

Our world-class security consultants bring real-world expertise to guiding you through Incident Response Program Development. Their valuable insights into both common and uncommon incidents will help you prepare for anything.


Educate Stakeholders

Incident Response requires planning and execution, so Redspin’s program development service offers procedures to educate your organization on best incident response procedures and also train your staff on the defined incident response documentation and processes.


Remediation Guidance

General guidelines for responding to threats are helpful, but Redspin’s incident response procedures guidance is also customized for your particular environment. 


Armed with knowledge and insights from our Incident Response Program Development process, your organization will be prepared to respond to both typical and unforeseen incidents, with repeatable, efficient, and effective incident response processes in place.

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