Security Health Check

Deep analysis conducted in between annual risk assessment to understand emerging cyber-attack trends and how they are affecting your network.


A solid security posture requires constant system review and improvement. Your organization can be exposed to serious risk by any delay in your review cycle, so performing a new risk analysis, based on a previous third-party risk assessment, is a critical step towards assuring your security. Redspin builds your updated risk analysis by capturing changes in the environment since the previous year and conducting a new analysis based on the security threats of today.

Key Benefits


Measure Change

Discover your risk posture as part of a healthy interim check-up due to emerging cyberattack trends or after a change in business operations or technology implementation.


Evaluate Progress

Determine how effective your remediation efforts have been in reducing risk following your Plans of Action and Milestones (POAM) or Corrective Action Plans (CAPs).


Refreshing your risk review with an updated risk analysis provides determines the likelihood of gaps or vulnerabilities being compromised and what the impact is to the organization is at the moment.

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