Merger & Acquisition Assessment

Understand the level of risk associated with a merger or acquisition and learn how to effectively integrate organizations.


Integration risks in merger and acquisition (M&A) include a number of issues to consider, and security and privacy are two of the key factors to examine during the due diligence process. Performing a customized Merger & Acquisition Assessment to meet your needs will help you make informed decisions about the level of risk you’re willing to accept and how to proceed once the new entity is integrated.

A Merger and Acquisition Assessment can include an array of services including a Security Risk Assessment, Vendor Assessment, Penetration Testing, and/or a Compromise Assessment.

Key Benefits


Reduce Risk

The nature of mergers and acquisitions is that they inherently involve risks of many types, including those related to security and privacy. The Merger & Acquisition Assessment unveils any possible security or privacy risks you need to address and will give you the ability to make informed decisions about what and how to remediate them.


Demonstrate Due Diligence

The Merger & Acquisition Assessment provides the documentation you need for the mergers and acquisitions process, to show that your organization has researched and remediated any security or privacy issues.


Multifaceted Approach

Because the risks you may encounter vary depending upon a variety of factors throughout the mergers and acquisition process, Redspin offers myriad risk assessment options to target your needs.  


Prioritize Remediation

With a complete picture of your risk profile, your organization can prioritize which issues to remediate throughout the mergers and acquisitions process.


The purpose of the Merger and Acquisition Assessment is to detect and uncover any security or privacy risks that threaten the viability of an M&A deal so your organization can make informed decisions about how, what, and when to address them.

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