Incident Response Tabletop Exercise

Get crucial hands-on experience testing your organization’s performance against industry-specific, real-world scenarios tailored to your environment.


How an organization responds to a potential event, incident, or breach is crucial to overall prevention and reducing recovery time. Knowledgeable experts will challenge your team with tailored real-world scenarios based on your organization’s environment.

Key Benefits


Critical Insights

Measure your program against best practices and industry standards to get critical insights into where you need to improve. Assess your organization’s response based on your business practices, systems, and operations so you can align with industry best practices and standards.


Hands-on Practice

We’ll guide your team through real-world exercises in a classroom or breakout format and a workshop to see how they respond to incidents using current procedures. The hands-on practice will surface actionable results and give your team crucial experience.


Comprehensive Recommendations

Rather than a generalized list of policies and procedures, our expert incident response program consultants will give you customized guidance on how to adjust your current processes to achieve better performance in incident scenarios.


After the Incident Response Tabletop Exercise, you’ll know how to prioritize the next steps you need to take to address any gaps in your incident response plan, including policy and procedure documentation, regulatory requirements, incident detection tools, your team’s roles and responsibilities, and team training.

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