Using the NIST Privacy Framework as a Blueprint for Your Privacy Program Webinar

Thursday Nov 18th 1:00-2:00 pm Central

Join Marti Arvin and Catherin Bertrand as they discuss a detailed overview of the NIST Privacy Framework and data governance considerations.

Born on the cusp of a healthcare crisis, the NIST Privacy Framework will be celebrating its 2-year birthday in January of 2022. Now that the implications of COVID-19 are settling adopting, and applying the NIST Privacy Framework to help organizations of any industry identify and manage their privacy risk is a topic that should be on top of every privacy leader’s strategic planning list for the new year.

In this informational webinar, you will hear from two data privacy experts, Marti Arvin and Catherin Bertrand, who will cover:

  • Practical ways to assess and manage privacy risk for your organization
  • How to protect the individually identifiable information your organization collects, creates, receives, maintains, and transmits for all your stakeholders such as patients, beneficiaries, employees, students, donors, and consumers.
  • An overview of the NIST Privacy Framework and data governance considerations
  • How the COBIT maturity model can be used alongside the NIST Privacy framework to comprehensively structure and assess your privacy program

Join us for this session, to learn how to adopt the NIST Privacy Framework, stay ahead of the curve, and build resilience into your privacy program.

Join us November 18th!


Meet The Speakers

Ben Denkers

Marti Arvin

VP of Privacy & Compliance

Marti Arvin brings more than three decades of operational and executive leadership experience in the fields of compliance, research and regulatory oversight in academic medical and traditional hospital care settings to her position in CynergisTek. Arvin leads strategic business development around compliance services and utilizes her industry recognized expertise in health research to inform the development of privacy and security services to meet that communities underserved needs. She is a nationally recognized speaker and contributor to the thought leadership around healthcare compliance and research, and contributes to CynergisTek’s industry outreach and educational programs. Arvin has extensive experience in building and managing compliance and research programs.

Catherin Bertrand

Catherin Bertrand

Sr. Privacy and Compliance Consultant

Catherin Bertrand is a Sr. Privacy and Compliance Consultant for CynergisTek. Catie brings years of operational experience in compliance and privacy at a community hospital and clinic system and an additional five years of operational experience at a national laboratory and pharmacy environment to her position at CynergisTek.

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