Penetration Testing

Battle-test your network against simulated, targeted attacks executed by security experts using cutting-edge tools to improve your overall security posture.


At Redspin, we approach our network penetration testing service by emphasizing the simulation of attacks that happen every day in actual corporate networks. We begin by performing passive host/service discovery and enumeration. These actions are performed by world-class security engineers using a variety of tools and comprehensive manual analysis rather than simply running a vulnerability scanner. We follow that with precisely targeted attacks against the services identified as potential vulnerabilities. Then, we elevate our privileges in the environment and attempt to obtain sensitive data.

Key Benefits


Improve Cyber Resilience

Proactive Penetration Testing Services helps improve your organization’s security posture by revealing any flaws or vulnerabilities in your network defenses.


Specific Expertise

Our world-class security consultants bring real-world expertise to the testing format. Their valuable insights into actual attacker behaviors and techniques and use of cutting-edge tools and comprehensive manual testing ensure that you’re getting an optimal and thorough evaluation.


Remediation Guidance

Give your staff tactical guidance on how to fix the security weaknesses in your particular organization to more effectively drive technical remediation efforts.


Minimal Disruption

Our Penetration Testing Services consultants work efficiently and expertly to conduct their comprehensive testing with minimal network disruptions, so your day-to-day operations are unaffected.  


With a thorough evaluation and remediation suggestions from our Penetration Testing Services, you’ll improve your network’s security posture against all manner of attacks, thereby reducing risk to your entire organization

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