Immersive Incident Response (IR) Exercise

No better way to validate how your team will respond during an incident than through a real-life simulated attack.


How confident are you in your organization’s ability to respond to a cyber incident? Even a minor breach can cause enough chaos to entirely disrupt clinical and business operations.

A proactive approach to your incident response is critical in helping you when a breach causes your systems to fail or ransomware halts operations. 

Redspin’s Immersive Incident Response Exercise engages everyone who will play an active role in your response, including leadership from marketing, human resources, finance, IT, and the CEO, in a real-life simulated cyber incident.

Key Benefits


Strengthen Your Cyber Skills

Taking a proactive approach to understanding how your organization will respond to a cyber event helps you better prepare for when the real event happens,


Build Muscle Memory

The more your team practice’s what it’s like to go through a real-life cyber event, the faster your team will be able to get back to normal business operations.


Evaluate Your Readiness

Learn your organization’s current level of preparedness and where the organization needs to improve, often leading to board-level conversations and changes around security.


Increase your awareness and gauge your preparedness to manage an incident in an immersive simulation, which enables you to actually experience what’s involved in responding to a sophisticated cybersecurity breach. 

Improve your crisis response-ability by accurately prioritizing the necessary decisions and actions required to return your situation back to a steady, managed state.

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