API Sentry

Protect the data passing through your APIs while at the same time safeguarding your infrastructure.

Safeguard Your Data With API Security Testing

For improved interoperability between applications, the API Sentry service leverages unique technology to facilitate one-time or ongoing testing and identifies security vulnerabilities, business logic flaws, and access control issues that can lead to a loss of sensitive data through APIs. The use of APIs has increased exponentially because of the ability to quickly share data and processes, leading to better interoperability between applications. The rapid adoption has significantly increased the attack surface area for company applications and existing methods for securing web applications miss API targeted attacks since APIs include:

  • Unique vulnerabilities
  • Managed access
  • Extended Connectivity

The API Sentry service helps organizations understand and manage the risks associated with APIs in their environment, even on a continuous basis.

Gain never before intelligence into the risk of your APIs and realize how to remediate vulnerabilities efficiently.

How API Sentry Service Works

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Key Benefits


Improved API Management

Keep an eye on API usage and ensure the appropriate API security related documentation to stay up-to-date.


One-stop for API Security

Comprehensive, one-time or continuous testing and remediation tracking through a customized designed solution giving the ability to validate the security posture of APIs as part of an interoperability initiative.



Proactive and on-going approach versus manual penetration testing that could be costly over time.


Once you employ the API Sentry service, you’ll not only be able to find and learn how to fix any vulnerabilities or flaws that could increase the attack vector for your APIs, you’ll get the benefit of ongoing testing so your protections and insights are always up to date.

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