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With over a decade of experience, Redspin is the most trusted penetration testing company in the industry. We are a trusted advisor to many of the Fortune 500 as well as major brand name companies, financial institutions, healthcare organizations, technology firms, and well-known hospitality, casino and entertainment properties.

Proven Methodology

Professional security experts. Real world attack scenarios. Protect your IT infrastructure and confidential data from Internet threats.

Exceptional Results

Actionable reports, risk-rated findings and prioritized recommendations — a blueprint for your IT security.

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Redspin has conducted thousands of penetration tests and IT security risk assessments. Contact us and discover why we're trusted advisors to the Fortune 500.

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Why Choose Redspin?

From celebrities to hospitals to government agencies, no one is immune to serious data breaches. The consequences of a hacking attack can be devastating. Redspin's penetration testing services go beyond security scanners using years of experience, ingenuity, and complex problem-solving skills that software simply cannot emulate.

Data security relies not only on the right tools, but on the right people. We're essentially ethical hackers, employing the same tactics and real world attack scenarios to help you better protect your organization's data, privacy, assets, and reputation.

Redspin's Penetration Testing Services

External Network
Penetration Testing

Penetration testing for Internet-accessible devices and services such as web servers, firewalls, routers. DNS, remote access, etc.

Internal Network
Penetration Testing

Penetration testing for internal servers, firewalls, routers and switches, email and DNS services.

Wireless Network
Penetration Testing

Penetration testing for wireless infrastructure, including access points, controllers, firewalls, etc.

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