Vendor Security Management

We manage the risks associated with your vendors by evaluating, monitoring, and holding them accountable for you.


Redspin evaluates each vendor’s level of risk and which protections are in place so your organization can make a determination around how to adjust your contracts, service levels, or your overall relationship. Redspin actively monitors each vendor, communicates the security gaps identified and alerts your team of any changes to the vendor’s status over time.

Key Benefits


Reduce Risk

Maintaining a proactive third-party risk management program by holding vendors accountable, not only protects your business against liability but ensures that you’re engaging in best practices.


Demonstrate Due Diligence

Third-party data breaches are real. Reviewing your vendor’s security practices demonstrates the due diligence your customer’s are expecting.


Hold Vendors Accountable

Because your organization’s risk profile extends beyond your own network, mitigate third-party risks by keeping vendors accountable.


Once you employ Redspin’s Vendor Security Management service, you’ll no longer struggle with the challenges and time-consuming manual processes involved with managing multiple vendors and documenting the due diligence of reviewing their security practices.

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