Incident Response (IR) Retainer

When a breach occurs, you need a partner you can trust – who has the experience to reduce potential impacts and help your organization get back to serving customers quickly.


You can fend off most cyberattacks through careful and comprehensive preparation, but you also need to be ready for those times when you do experience a breach. In those instances, “being prepared” is about how you respond to the breach, not how you prevent one. By taking a proactive approach to incident response (IR), you can significantly reduce the potential impacts of a breach, both financially and in terms of patient care.

Redspin’s Incident Response Retainer Service offers organizations a trusted partner that’s ready to act in the event of an emergency and is available 24/7/365. The Incident Response Retainer Service includes digital forensics and is a comprehensive solution that provides various options to meet your needs for rapid resolution and allows for unused hours to be repurposed towards any of the following services:

  • Incident Response Maturity Assessment
  • Incident Response Plan, Program, Policy Development
  • Incident Response Playbook Development
  • Incident Response Tabletop or Immersive Exercise
  • Response Advisory Services

Key Benefits


Unmatched Visibility

To ensure that you’re getting a complete picture of your security profile, our Incident Response Retainer Services give you visibility across cloud, IoT, IT, and OT environments, and detect and respond to threats on third-party, contractor, and other unmanaged devices.


Subject Matter Expertise

Our world-class security consultants combine hands-on incident response skills, executive management experience, and strategic business acumen, so you’ll receive threat analysis and intelligence from a skilled Threat Research group.


Advanced Technology

Our Incident Response Retainer Services augment human expertise and experience with automation by including access to an AI-powered detection and response platform for global and vertical-specific insights.


With our Incident Response Retainer Services, you’ll have expert help ready 24/7/365 in the event of a breach. This proactive approach ensures that you’ll mitigate the fallout from an incident, protecting both your constituents and your bottom line. 

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