Continuous Penetration Testing

Combine human intelligence and powerful technology to identify vulnerabilities in ever-changing environments and remediate the highest-priority threats.


The best defense is knowing your opponent’s offensive play, self-identifying there is an issue before becoming a victim. Redspin’s Continuous Penetration Testing service solves the challenge many healthcare organizations are facing today by identifying actionable and exploitable opportunities hackers can utilize to potentially gain control in a constantly changing environment. The complexity that organizations deal with, including an environment consisting of a remote workforce, an increasing number of unmanaged devices, the intricacy of internal networks, and the plethora of advanced threats, means that continuous testing is a strategy that should be added to any security quiver. Because cyber threats never stop evolving, ongoing testing ensures that your organization is always ahead of the curve, and our Continuous Penetration Testing service enables you to prioritize remediation only for the highest-priority threats.

Key Benefits


Dynamic Testing

Threats don’t stop because your annual pentest is over. Redspin’s Continuous Penetration Testing service takes a proactive approach by identifying risks and gaps on an ongoing basis.


Improved Cyber Resilience

Proactive and consistent testing helps improve your organization’s cyber defenses. Continuous Penetration Testing finds new threats as they come so organizations can immediately remediate them.


Enhanced Training & Awareness

Determine how security teams respond to active threats through a more active, realistic testing methodology.


Know what your enemy knows by staying one step ahead of hackers by using Redspin’s Continuous Penetration Testing. Cybersecurity is not a perfunctory task. Continuous Penetration Testing materially protects both your company’s reputation and patients’ data.

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