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Vulnerability Assessments

Security assessments performed by experienced world-class security engineers, not software.


Redspin’s vulnerability assessments are performed by experienced world-class security engineers, not software. On top of a battery of vulnerability scans, Redspin’s security risk assessment includes comprehensive manual testing, professional analysis, and human intelligence. Hidden vulnerabilities are often uncovered, real risks are weighed and prioritized, false positives are eliminated, and recommendations are in line with business productivity and connectivity.

Redspin’s security team has become a world leader in penetration testing and vulnerability assessments through our proven methodology and exceptional results. We’ve done thousands of assessments, and helped hundreds of organizations protect sensitive data and lower their risk of a security breach.


Why Do a Vulnerability Assessment?

Redspin’s vulnerability assessments are designed to definitively lower risk through minimizing your exposure to potential threats. Security and risk is assessed through findings discovered by the engineering team, using threat intelligence as well as a multitude of techniques, tools, and experience.

We eliminate false positives, dig deeper than any scan, and use decades of combined experience to classify and rate each finding in order of significance. Unlike a security scanner, our risk rated recommendations are intelligently thought out, keeping your productivity and connectivity in mind.

Vulnerability Assessments vs. Penetration Testing

The objective of a vulnerability assessment is to probe and analyze the infrastructure or application in question and provide a prioritized list of discovered vulnerabilities with prioritized risk-rated recommendations to solve the security issues. A vulnerability assessment can simply be the results of an automated scan, or a more comprehensive and trustworthy findings report by a professional security engineer.

Redspin’s vulnerability assessments use an arsenal of experience, tools, and best practices
to discover and prioritize the real threats to your organization.

In a penetration test, findings from the vulnerability assessment are used as a starting point to explore and exploit security vulnerabilities. The most common purpose of a penetration test is to gain unauthorized access to general resources or specifically agreed upon resources.

Penetration testing can be extremely useful when you want to:

  • Uncover serious flaws that are difficult or impossible for a scanner to detect.
  • Definitively know which findings actually pose a real security risk to the organization.
  • Prove that infrastructure, applications, and employees can be compromised.
  • Prove that sensitive data can be extracted and stolen.

Automated Security Software and Vulnerability Scanning

While automated security scanners are an essential first line of defense, paralyzing attacks and breaches are occurring even when security hardware and automated scanning tools are properly maintained.

The fact is that security scanners provide little protection against experienced hackers.

To effectively lower security risk, organizations now need to be testing beyond known vulnerabilities and suspicious patterns. Security scanners can make you aware of known vulnerabilities such as misconfigurations and application bugs, but it can’t tell you if the issues are a real threat. There is still no line of defense as effective as a security engineering team working to secure the perimeter.

Top 5 reasons penetration testing should be used in addition to automated scanning:

  1. Insignificant scanner findings can still be exploited
  2. Scanners are only as good as their database of known vulnerabilities or attack patterns
  3. Scanner recommendations often hinder connectivity and productivity
  4. Scanners can miss key elements obvious to a hacker
  5. False positives waste time and resources

The bottom line is that quarterly vulnerability risk assessments and penetration testing are critical to maintaining a good security posture.

Vulnerability Assessments With Redspin

We deliver clear, concise, and actionable reports with executive summaries, findings, and recommendations. Risk prioritized recommendations are designed for cost effective remediation and to minimize any business impact. Any and all findings, vulnerabilities, and exploits are only disclosed to you.

  • We employ the most talented security engineers in the industry
  • We perform controlled real world attacks uncover real threats
  • We’ve done thousands of penetration tests and vulnerability scans
  • We’re a trusted security partner of many of the Fortune 500

On top of this, our world-class security engineers are all specialized, dedicated, and full-time Redspin employees. We never use contractors or off-shore resources on any of our security related engagements.

Penetration Testing Services

Redspin’s security assessment services are designed to lower risk and protect data. By tailoring the right combination of network/infrastructure, application/service, and personnel security testing… We can ensure the best return on your investment.

Penetration Testing

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Red Team Assessments

Our most comprehensive security assessment, combining penetration testing, application security testing, and social engineering.

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Application Security

Get world-class security engineers to test vulnerabilities in your web, mobile, & cloud applications.

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Social Engineering

OSINT, phishing, vishing and physical campaigns to pinpoint your vulnerabilities and promote awareness and education.

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