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Healthcare IT
Security Consulting

Healthcare IT security services that go beyond compliance to effective security management and lowered risk.


As medical partners, networks, devices, and cloud services become more integrated, we’re seeing a dramatic increase in attack surface, attack volume, and attack frequency. Hacking healthcare providers and stealing PHI has become an incredibly profitable business. So much so, that hackers are shifting their entire focus to healthcare. Yet, statistics show that healthcare organizations are doing less than any other industry to try solve these security issues.

“If healthcare IT security spending continues to fall behind, data breaches are going to continue to be costly, damaging, and embarrassing.”

Redspin is a trusted security partner that understands the complexities of managing healthcare’s IT security, compliance, partners, and applications. We understand what it means to truly lower your security risk, and the only way to do that while providing convenient and immediate access to sensitive data, is to combine all of the following:

  • Smart business strategy
  • Effective policy/procedures
  • Technical expertise
  • Assessment practices
  • Resource management


Healthcare IT Security Consulting

Redspin’s all-star consulting team is leading the charge in healthcare IT security strategy and program architecture.  Our unique and proven methodology continues to help hospitals and health systems build a repeatable security framework to definitively lower risk and protect sensitive information. We pride ourselves in our approach to developing efficient security processes for our clients.

At the heart of our security process design methodology, we address all aspects of effectively securing the organization, including policy and procedures, roles and responsibilities, instructions and guides, business rules, assessments, measurement tools, and an arsenal of technologies that are needed for that process.

Security Risk Assessment

Along with Redspin’s standard HIPAA Security Risk Assessments, our security teams perform technical and non-technical risk assessments on an array of policies, compliance standards, healthcare devices, and unique customer environments within healthcare IT security. We leverage an advanced risk assessments tool that is designed with unlimited templates for specific needs, and that manages the entire process from the risk assessment to high quality built-in reporting.

Vendor Risk Management

One of the cornerstone healthcare IT security services that Redspin conducts is the establishment of a vendor security risk management program. This program has a twofold purpose:

  • First it will serve as the primary mechanism to help ensure that all current and future contributing vendors to the security program are operating in a secure manner.
  • Second that the services they are providing are in fact effective and in accordance with service level agreements and the evolving security program.
Incident Response Management

Redspin’s incident management strategy encompasses preventative, responsive, and containment policies and processes. This proven methodology prepares organizations to effectively respond to a security incident, lower their overall security risk, meet compliance standards, and protect the organization’s public image.

Security & Privacy Training

Redspin’s security and privacy training program takes a 3 pronged approach to helping your personnel create a strong security perimeter:

  • Develop or improve the policy and procedures for authorizing and managing access for employees that must work with ePHI and sensitive information.
  • Implement the above policies and procedures to ensure that personnel that are responsible for implementing the procedures are doing so effectively.
  • Create or improve security awareness and training programs for all members of the workforce (including management).
Secure Software Development

Building secure practices into the software development lifecycle, from source code review to deployment methods, can greatly reduce the risk of a security incident. Applications built on a SSDLC also have the added assurance that security has been a strategic objective, and thus ultimately are much more cost-effective.

Managed Healthcare IT Security Services

Redspin’s interim security officers are generally utilized to either begin the development of a new security program or to retrofit a poorly performing one. This is the only managed healthcare IT security services role supplied by Redspin that does not have a defined a set of deliverables for the job role, as they can vary greatly depending on need.

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