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IT Risk Manager

IT Security Assessments
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Re-imagining Risk Assessments

Delphiis™ IT Risk Manager SaaS Solution streamlines performing and managing information security risk assessments with deeper risk intelligence insight. Delphiis™ is a Risk Management tool primarily used for IT Risk Assessments with use cases to measure, manage and report risks on the security of your ePHI, PCI, PII and critical information systems.

Balancing Problems with Solutions

Delphiis™ streamlines the way security gets executed. Perform assessments against numerous types of regulations or a mix of regulations, with pre-built NIST, HIPAA, PCI and ISO27002 templates. Delphiis™ allows all participants to interact online in a highly efficient workflow and central repository. It has a framework with project level specificity that provides the ability to dynamically convert all results to a remediation plan with a single click. You no longer have to settle for manual assessment management or spending countless hours and dollars reviewing findings and converting them into an actionable plan. Let Delphiis™ do it for you.

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Why Delphiis™ Works

Fully comprehensive workflow and a straightforward interface seamlessly move users through the assessment process. The streamlined workflow with easily accessible and understandable risk dashboards gives IT and non-IT executives the power to make intelligent business decisions regarding risks around an organization’s business objectives. Delphiis™ saves time for everyone involved.


Step 1: Assess Risk

Delphiis™ helps organizations efficiently the development, management, and execution of security risk assessments.
Our application provides both the methodology and the tools for a repeatable assessment system. Whether internally with business units or externally with business partners. It is a simple way to manage risk assessments and keep them in a central location. Once your assessment is complete you are only one click away from creating a remediation roadmap. After all, what good is identifying risk unless you make a remediation project plan and execute that plan?

Key Benefits:

  • Provides searchable central database for IT Risk Assessments
  • Develops inventory list for criticality, data classification and other key tags
  • Auto generated reporting and respondent follow up features
  • Transfer findings directly to executable remediation project plans

Step 2. Analyze Data

The Delphiis™ platform provides the business intelligence you need by utilizing the intuitive dashboards illustrating key metrics and trends relating to risk assessment performance while identifying key areas of risk needing attention. This data gives decision makers the powerful insight they need to make informed decisions quickly relating to risk and information security.

Key Benefits:

  • Make informed decisions quickly using the Findings Analysis Dashboard’s illustrating the most common areas to remediate across a program with suggested projects and roadmaps
  • Quickly identify vulnerable risk areas based on the auto generated analysis of your assessments
  • Visualize trending analysis of risk and compliance levels over time
  • View key performance metrics including number of assessments, average duration, key responders and assessor metrics

Step 3. Create a Remediation Roadmap

The final step in managing risk is creating a pragmatic approach to the management of cybersecurity projects by developing a remediation roadmap. Delphiis™ helps to collect, prioritize and make sound project investment decisions. The result is a portfolio that defines your organization’s Security Roadmap.

Delphiis™, a simple, secure, and collaborative tool to help businesses overcome the recognition and management of cybersecurity challenges.