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Continuous Penetration Testing

Continuous Prevention to Outsmart Attackers

Identifying Vulnerabilities in a Constantly Changing Environment

Identifying the adversary when one is present is paramount to averting any potential threat attackers. CynergisTek’s Continuous Penetration Testing service solves the challenge many organizations are facing today by identifying vulnerabilities in a constantly changing environment. The complexity organizations are dealing with today, including an environment consisting of a remote workforce, an increasing number of unmanaged devices, the intricacy of internal networks, and the plethora of advanced threats mean continuous testing is a strategy that should be added to any security quiver.

Continuous Penetration Testing powered by an automated testing platform coupled with an intelligence layer from Redspin’s Red Team helps you keep your defenses up at all times. Continuous Penetration Testing discovers vulnerabilities with no disruption to network operations and allows your organization to remediate before the malicious hacker can exploit your environment. Remove false positives from consideration and deploy internal or Redspin resources to remediate the more impactful vulnerabilities.


Our Red Team Supports Prevention That is…


Red Tema supports Continuous Penetration Testing

Benefits of Continuous Penetration Testing

  • Improved Cyber Resilience
    Proactive and consistent testing helps improve your organization’s cyber defenses.
  • Prioritize Remediation
    Efficient and effective vulnerability management where remediation efforts are tracked through Redspin’s Intelligence dashboard.
  • Enhanced Training & Awareness
    Determine how security teams respond to active threats through a more active, realistic testing methodology.

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