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Healthcare IT Security – Who is Responsible, Really?

IT organizations in the healthcare industry are being asked to make increasingly complex and subtle decisions. IT everywhere is being asked to do more and be responsible for more. Enabling the business to meaningfully engage IT, and creating a way that provides the businesses with the right information to make decisions is key to the perceived and actual success of an IT department. The road to engaging all parts of the business is difficult, but it has also been shown to be a hallmark of successful organizations.
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Healthcare Data Breaches-Insider Job, Cybercrime, or Both?

Relying solely on historical data has limitations, particularly in such dynamic, fast-moving arenas as healthcare and IT. Any conclusions drawn may turn out to be less predictive or prescriptive than as originally put forth. The old adage “if we don’t learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it,” is diluted by the pace of technological change. Relatively new innovations such as smart phones, iPads, and social media continue to alter the nature of human-machine interaction, workflow and social reach.
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Inspector General Takes ONC to Task Over Lack of General Security Controls

Now this week, we learn the HHS Inspector General has audited HIT Standards, privacy protection under HIPAA, and other security measures at CMS and the ONC. Their conclusion? "OIG found weaknesses in the two HHS agencies entrusted with keeping sensitive patient records private and secure." Such weaknesses included lax oversight and insufficient standards for healthcare providers.
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