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Sed, Grep and Awk

Sed, Grep and Awk are true *nix tools, known for their awkward names and equally awkward syntax. They represent the most immediate access to Regular Expressions (REs) which are themselves worthy of knowledge. Even their attempted replacement, Perl, is also…

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DoS-ing over Dial-Up

DoS, or Denial of Service attacks, are nothing new.  The main idea behind a DoS attack is to exhaust a devices resources (be it HTTP, some database backend, or any other form of  'service') until it can't respond to legitimate…

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I've been thinking about honeytokens a lot lately. While I've always been fascinated by honeypots, honeytokens are a little different spin on the same idea. A honeypot usually functions as a machine or device just begging to get hacked. It…

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Mozilla Collections

If you are anything like us, you can spend hours tracking down Firefox add-ons.  Recently, Mozilla announced the release of 'Collections', which allows you to create and store all of your favorite add-ons and customizations in one central place. If…

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