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Inspector General Takes ONC to Task Over Lack of General Security Controls

We wouldn’t be so bold as to say “I told you so,” but for months Redspin has been publicly calling on the ONC to beef up the security controls and measures in the “meaningful use” EHR incentive plan, the Federal Strategic Health IT Plan, and the HIPAA Security Rule itself. In fact just two weeks ago, we offered the following public comments on the Strategic Plan:

“Next, the “security risk analysis” identified as Core Measure 15 should be defined as more than compliance with the HIPAA security rule. Effective security is a process-driven cycle of regularly-scheduled assessments, validation, remediation, and reporting that deliver continuous and durable improvements in information security and help develop a culture of security awareness within organizations.” (Public Comments on Federal Strategic Health IT Plan, 2011-2015)

Now this week, we learn the HHS Inspector General has audited HIT Standards, privacy protection under HIPAA, and other security measures at CMS and the ONC. Their conclusion? “OIG found weaknesses in the two HHS agencies entrusted with keeping sensitive patient records private and secure.”  Such weaknesses included lax oversight and insufficient standards for healthcare providers.

The CMS audit examined seven hospitals across the country and found 151 “vulnerabilities” in systems and controls that are designed to safeguard electronic protected health information. Those lapses included 124 “high impact vulnerabilities” such as unencrypted laptops and portable drives containing sensitive personal health information, outdated antivirus software and patches, unsecured networks, and the failure to detect rogue devices intruding on wireless networks. As a result, CMS had limited assurance that controls were in place and operating as intended to protect electronic protected health information, thereby leaving ePHI vulnerable to attack and compromise.”

This is exactly why Redspins’ HIPAA Risk Analysis and Security Assessments go well beyond the requirements laid out by the CMS and ONC. And why hospitals, health systems and large provider practices should carefully consider which vendor they select to perform their assessment service. This is not “check the box” type of audit work. This is not something you can entrust to one-man consulting shops.  There are serious implications to leaving ePHI vulnerable to attack and compromise. Sure the ONC should be more specific in regard to specific preventative controls or standards in the regulations. But whether stated in the regulations or not, you as a hospital or business associate bear the ultimate responsibility for data breach. We urge you to hold any outside security assessment vendor (including Redspin) to a higher standard. Don’t settle for competence; seek out excellence.


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  1. Dan,
    We at Palatech Partners could not agree with you more. We love the fact that we are not alone. ITGC’s are critical, as well as narrowly focused business requirements. Human life is at stake in healthcare and that is invaluable. We are an organization with legal, business, compliance, and technical security resources—People, process, systems, and data. We fully support your comment.

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