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Sony’s PlayStation Network Hacked — Credit Card Data Likely Compromised

Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) online gaming network has been compromised in what Sony is calling an “illegal and unauthorized intrusion”. Some 77 million users subscribe to this service and it sounds like they’ve all had their information stolen.

Information about PSN subscribers that Sony has confirmed to have been compromised includes:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Country
  • Email address
  • PSN password and login name

What Sony has not released yet (and this is the big one) is whether credit card numbers and expiration dates have been compromised as well. The PSN network allows users to associate a credit card with their account in order to easily buy content directly from Sony and 3rd parties through the PSN network, and most users will opt to have the card information saved in order to more easily purchase things.
At this point it’s anyones guess if this data was stolen as well. If Sony followed the Payment Card Industry (PCI) guidelines to the letter and properly protected the cardholder data associated with these accounts then they may be OK.

Based on the large security failings that let this attack happen successfully in the first place, I’d say this is unlikely.

See Sony’s official blog post announcing the breach:

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  1. this is nothing but B.S.because of 1 dumb * all PSN user cant enjoy playing with there friends or distant family the only they can.They should have edleast give a eta of when its gonna be back online so people dont turn there system on in the morning filled with the hope of getting sighed in.But then receving nothing but disipontment i mean come on sony i think we deserve PSN money instead of a apologies.It has bin a week and still not 1 chance to sigh in is B.S. and all we get is an apologie thats worth nothing 4 all the time we have bin off.Then if you guys could edleast turn store 4 all the people who have PSN cards but still no.And sony you might loose money giving card codes but what would rather loose money or custermers.This was a word of truth from KashMoney_Killa Sincerly KashMoney_Killa

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