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Correction…8 million and counting

Since our 2010 Protected Health Information Breach Report was released, we have been asked a lot about trends in the industry. Well, just in the last couple weeks, a number of breaches have been released that occurred at the end of 2010.  This includes 16 incidents, over half the result of theft and involving some type of portable media.

The worst case involved 1.7 million records compromised as a result of 1) unencrypted backup tapes and 2) business associate leaves tapes unattended. The trends are becoming more clear. Protect sensitive information in transit and storage, and perform sufficient due diligence on all business associates that have access to your sensitive information.

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  1. There were about 75 records compromised out here in our local Oregon hospital going in between surgery centers and the primaries, our records being one of them. I suppose we were one of the 2010 debacles? Maybe we should refer them to you.

  2. Fortunately, you were not one of the 8 million. Unfortunately, you were part of the reported 9,000+ number of incidents that involve less than 500 individuals. While the details of these incidents are not publicly accessible, they represent millions of additional people who have been affected by a breach. Regardless of their size, medical centers and health systems are responsible for protecting your sensitive information.

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