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Twitter Stems Growth of Fast-Spreading Worm

Twitter feeds have been abuzz with talk of the latest Twitter worm that lures victims into a “scareware” page telling them they have a virus, only to subsequently infect them with real malware. Twitter engineers have done a stellar job reducing the spread of the malware from thousands of results this morning to none this afternoon.

The caveat here is that the worm seems to be adjusting from direct links to (Google’s URL shortener) links. These may be harder to track from a Twitter engineering standpoint, and may still be quietly circulating undetected.

Twitter did a great job of containing the spread of a very dangerous piece of malware, but be wary of tweets trying to show off some new “anti-malware.” This scareware software is designed to look at first like a helpful piece of software, but will quickly infect any Windows machines that decide to give it a shot.

Be on the lookout for this new piece of malware, and congrats to the Twitter team for a speedy response.

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