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Prevx: Just Another Tool in the Sec Tools Bag

Some of my clients in the financial sector, specifically the online banking space have asked about Prevx.

Prevx? What is it?

The companies flagship product Prevx 3.0. according to their website provides the world’s smallest, fastest, and lightest endpoint security agent yet its detection, protection and removal capabilities rival even the largest antivirus solutions. Prevx specializes in detecting zero day attacks, reducing the time exposed to danger, and providing real-time protection against the latest and the most malicious forms of malware, including keyloggers, Trojans, and rootkits; catching the threats that are missed by traditional antivirus providers.

Key point to note here is that checks happen in real-time, avoiding user interaction for manual overrides by checking and building a centralized database of files and their threat status.

Another point is that you shouldn’t combine two anti-virus products on the same PC because of slowdowns, lockups and even decreased protection due to two separate active shields conflicting with one another. Prevx, on the other hand is designed to work with most other popular anti-virus products. Look, in a perfect world it would be nice to have one universal tool to get rid of everything. Unfortunately there is no such tool. No program is 100% at detection, protection or removal. Prevx doesn’t say they are a 100% but claim that they catch malware that others miss. They actually recommend using it with your existing security for layered protection thus giving you the maximum protection possible.

On paper all this sounds great…’to each his own’. The real concern is properly setting up a tool to do what it does. So many different tools, and settings are what complicates things. We are humans and not robots which easily make us prone to making mistakes. Not to mention the common user almost never gives a thought to security. Well, that is until something bad happens.

My recommendation would be to consult with a security expert before investing in anything. Find out what the products recommendation and acceptance is from your industry’s perspective. Once the decision is made, get a reputable company to assist in the install and proper set up of the tool, and finally, test it out yourself.

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