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Healthcare Web Applications – The Security Achilles Heel (Part 2)

Last June, one of my colleagues at Redspin blogged about his concern that security flaws in software applications that house ePHI (electronic protected health information) represent a big threat. We had just completed a security assessment for a client and had found it relatively easy to access their customer portal using a common SQL injection technique. ePHI  records represent tempting targets for cyber crime as they typically include a wealth of personal info (name and address, SSN’s, credit card numbers, DOB and more).

The healthcare industry is currently very motivated to deploy EHR systems, increase interconnectivity via HIE’s, and launch new web applications. As data is made more accessible to more audiences, the risk of a breach increases too. The scope of a HIPAA Risk Analysis should include software applications but be sure to hire a company with specific application penetration testing expertise. Make sure your provider is competent, has relevant experience and applies best practices, starting with the Top 10 Web Application Vulnerabilities list as outlined by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

Another area of focus should be your internal patch management process. Effective maintenance of your current day-to-day IT operating systems and applications is essential but be sure to conduct an inventory of older applications as well. They may have been developed by people who are no longer with your organization.  Some may perform tasks that are very mundane, highly specialized and/or are rarely used. At Redspin we often uncover these “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” applications in our HIPAA Risk Analysis process. Fortunately we have an application penetration testing methodology that is applicable to both web applications and non-web applications

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