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Email Hacking Husband Faces Felony

OK. so, I can’t resist commenting on this breaking news and I’m looking forward to seeing where it ends up. It has a little bit of everything in it – potential invasion of privacy, allegations of hacking, accusations of adultery, maybe even overzealous prosecution… and the list goes on. You’d think this was a story right out of Beverly Hills but no it’s taking place in Michigan.

The suit is based in alleged violations of a statute apparently intended for use in identity theft cases which carries a potential 5 year prison sentence for a felony conviction.

Yes, this is the story where the soon to be third x-husband (“Walker”) reads his wife’s email wherein he finds she’s cheating on him with the second husband who allegedly abused her in front of her child. Walker takes the emails to the first husband (father of the child) because he’s concerned about potential abuse of the child. Tell me the tabloids are not going to run with this one!

Well, this may be the most interesting subject of discussion this week in family law courses as well as cybernet security classes.

Does the wife have a reasonable (love that word) expectation of privacy? She shared a computer located in their home with her husband, Walker.

Did Walker hack the email account? Rumors have it the wife wrote down the password and left it next to the computer. She definitely flunks Security 101.

Did Walker have grounds that justified his publication (showing or sharing) the emails with a third-party (1st husband)? Allegedly he was concerned for the safety of a child.

What is the motivation of the DA’s in enforcing this type of statute under these circumstances?

Is there more to this story?

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  1. There was a time when law makers thought long a hard before making a law. Now, it’s like a loaded gun that’s laying around for anyone to fire. Plus, If a woman did the same thing she would be herald as the heroin, justified in her action and rewarded.

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