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2010 Food Wiki Awards

It has been a long year, but the weeks on the road have paid gastronomic dividends. Gems uncovered, old standards revisited, experiments gone bad. Congratulations to this year's winners. Best Dish Fresh Trout Luncheon Special, Mac's Old House, Antioch CA…

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L0phtCrack is back!

L0phtCrack was one of the original and greatest hacking and auditing tools of the 90's, essentially creating the modern LM/NTLM password auditing landscape. L0pht Heavy Industries - the creators of the tool - were instrumental in raising awareness of both the ease of cracking passwords as well the obviousness of how poorly people choose passwords.
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Information Security – Need-to-Share too much?

In the post-9/11 world, disparate government agencies took flack for their need-to-know data sharing policies. To improve intelligence efforts, a need-to-share policy was employed, ideally resulting in more efficient communication and flow of inter-agency information. A need-to-share policy, however, also…

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