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Mozilla Collections

If you are anything like us, you can spend hours tracking down Firefox add-ons.  Recently, Mozilla announced the release of ‘Collections‘, which allows you to create and store all of your favorite add-ons and customizations in one central place. If you need your add-ons installed in a new browser – just visit your Mozilla Collections account and one click will re-install all your plugins. In true Redspin spirit, I’ve made a Collections account chock full of add-ons that we use for the security testing of web-servers. Some of the add-ons included:

  • HackBar
  • SQL Injection!
  • Advanced Dork
  • HeaderSpy
  • UrlParams
  • XSS Me
  • Tamper Data
  • ShowIP
  • Plus some other goodies!

Check out the Redspin Security Testing Add-ons.

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