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Redspin’s Dan Berger Talks Hacking Trends, Assessments and More at HIMSS 15

April 23, 2015
What does a small, neighborhood hospital and a large, multi-faceted healthcare system with more than a dozen hospitals have in common? Both are prime targets for two very different types of hackers.

According to a HealthcareInfoSecurity interview with Dan Berger, CEO of Redspin, a security company recently acquired by Auxilio, the organized crime groups will go for the Anthem-level breach, but the basement-dwelling hacker will target the low-hanging fruit – the smaller hospital – because they can steal thousands of records and monetize them in no time flat.

Welcome to the world of healthcare security, where developing a comprehensive, actionable security program is the best way to protect and preserve the integrity of PHI, which, according to the FBI, is 10X more valuable than credit card numbers and social security numbers.

In his interview at HIMSS 15 with Howard Anderson, Berger talks hacking trends, multi-step security processes and common mistakes in risk assessments. Listen now to hear the whole interview on healthcare hacker attacks, which clocks in at around six minutes.

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