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Redspin Offers Mobile Device Security Risk Analysis Service

New service helps enable the productivity gains and cost-savings of mobile device usage at work (including BYOD) while minimizing security risks

January 8, 2013 Carpinteria, Calif. — Redspin, Inc., a leading provider of penetration testing and IT security assessments, today announced a new service that addresses the growing concerns over the security risks posed by the use of mobile devices in the workplace.

Redspin’s Mobile Device Security Risk Analysis combines policy development and other operational considerations to help organizations enable the appropriate and secure use of mobile devices (including BYOD) by implementing workable policies and effective controls.

The use of personal mobile devices at work has increased dramatically yet a recent survey concluded that “almost 80 per cent today’s BYOD activity remains inadequately managed by IT departments.” (Ovum, September 2012). BYOD usage not only multiples the number of end-points but also increases the risk of loss, theft or hacking incidents and introduces new threats such as mobile malware.

“Allowing personal mobile device use at work can result in significant improve ments in productivity, employee satisfaction, and cost savings,” said Daniel W. Berger, Redspin’s President and CEO. “But without an adequate mobile device

security program, the potential for those gains will be squandered. In addition, since many people are already using their smartphones at work (whether allowed or not), we encourage all our clients to put mobile device security high on their list of 2013 IT priorities.”

Redspin’s Mobile Device Security Risk Analysis utilizes automated scanning, surveys, and interviews to determine the existing usage profile of mobile devices within the organization. This approach helps to identify existing threats, vulnerabilities, and risks of current use. Recommendations for remediation consist of technology additions and/or restrictions, collaborative policy development, and user training.

About Redspin, Inc.

For more than a decade, Redspin has delivered comprehensive IT security assessments, risk management and compliance solutions. The company’s penetration testing services and security assessments help keep confidential information safe and critical systems secure. Through expert analysis, complete objectivity and business acumen, Redspin serves the Fortune 1000 as well as the healthcare industry, banking/financial services, retail, technology, energy, hospitality, and casinos.

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