Web Application Security Testing

Leverage our expert security engineering team to uncover vulnerabilities in your web and mobile applications and learn how to prioritize remediation to halt attackers in their tracks.


As enterprise networks are replaced by logical layers in the cloud, managing application security risk has become a mission-critical business objective. The attack surface and volume introduced by web and mobile applications are already staggering, and the movement towards cloud services, the internet of things (IoT), and software-defined networking (SDN) will only increase the risks. Redspin’s proven process works regardless of whether you have a web application or a mobile application, or if you’ve integrated multiple cloud providers and/or service layers.

All application penetration testing and security assessments are performed by Redspin’s skilled team. We leverage our experience and proprietary research amassed from thousands of assessments. We use real human intelligence and manual analysis to find the best strategies to secure your application, lower your security risk, and minimize business and service disruptions.

Redspin’s proven application security testing methodology prioritizes vulnerabilities according to risk and impact and then delivers clear and concise recommendations to mitigate application flaws with our unique Real-time Reporting, giving you actionable remediation steps quickly. 

Key Benefits


Comprehensive Visibility

Understand the security risks within the application (or development life cycle) as a starting point for making a plan, educating stakeholders, and performing remediation.  


Determine Threat Resilience

There are numerous types and methods of attacks that present varying degrees of danger to your particular organization. When you know not only how your security performs against specific attacks but also the impact of each vulnerability, flaw, or weakness, you can more strategically allocate resources.


Prioritize Remediation

Prioritize risks and map out a comprehensive mitigation strategy to lower risk immediately and efficiently.


Rich Expertise

Our world-class security consultants bring real-world expertise to Web Application Security Testing. Their valuable insights into actual attacker behaviors and techniques and use of cutting-edge tools and comprehensive manual testing ensure that you’re getting an optimal and thorough evaluation.


Our Web Application Security Testing ensures you know the best ways to secure your applications and lower your security risks, all while limiting any disruptions to your services or business operations. You’ll be notified immediately, with actionable recommendations, if any serious or critical vulnerabilities are uncovered.

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