Incident Response Program Assessment

Determine how your incident response program stacks up against industry best practices and receive guidance on where to strengthen your response process and procedures.


Based on best practice and real-world experience with healthcare operations, our experts understand how to measure the maturity of your incident response program. The Incident Response Program Assessment includes a review against industry standards to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities that exist in your current incident response program.

Key Benefits


Critical Insights

Measure your program against best practices and industry standards to get critical insights into where you need to improve.


Comprehensive Recommendations

Rather than a generalized list of policies and procedures, our expert Incident Response Program Assessment consultants will give you a comprehensive playbook that’s customized for your particular organization.


Track Progress

Redspin will give you the tools and knowledge you need to track your own progress in maturing your incident response program, so you enjoy the benefits of ongoing tracking without incurring additional costs.


After the Incident Response Program Assessment, you’ll know how to prioritize the next steps you need to take to address any gaps, including policy and procedure documentation, regulatory requirements, incident detection tools, your team’s roles and responsibilities, and team training. 

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