GDPR Assessment

The best way to understand if you are in compliance with GDPR requirements is to gain valuable assessment insight into how you are handling the personal data of EU residents.


GDPR is applicable to any organization collecting and/or processing the personal data of individuals residing in or are citizens of the European Union, regardless of the organization’s physical location. The GDPR Assessment service is designed to assess your privacy and data protection posture against the core requirements of the GDPR and to provide a tailored compliance roadmap to assist your organization in establishing compliance priorities.
Our GDPR Assessment provides you with a gap analysis and recommendations to improve GDPR compliance. Our experienced team of privacy consultants are here to guide your organization through every aspect of the GDPR framework.

Key Benefits


Reduce Risk

Assessing your organization’s compliance efforts may reduce enforcement actions and verifies that you’re engaging in best practices.


Identify Gaps & Knowledgeable and Experienced Team

Our assessment methodology is designed to identify gaps in policies, procedures, practices, or processes and provide recommendations so you can remediate the gaps.

GDPR Assessments are performed by seasoned privacy professionals with deep subject matter expertise, so you’re getting in-depth and vertical-specific insights.


The goal of the GDPR Assessment is to identify compliance gaps and provide recommendations, guidance, and best practices to remediate gaps. Additionally, you may reduce enforcement risks by verifying that you’re in compliance with regulations, and you’ll gain insight into how your organization is handling the personal data of European Union residents.

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