Compromise Assessment

Detect threats actively infiltrating your network and determine your team’s readiness to remediate those attacks.


Redspin’s Compromise Assessment uses powerful technology and cyber expertise to hunt and analyze numerous aspects of your network to identify past or ongoing compromises of your environment. A Compromise Assessment looks at both endpoint and network areas, and known and unknown devices, to uncover malicious activity, giving you the visibility to determine if your team has the right skills and tools on hand to quickly identify, contain, and remediate incidents. 

By choosing to conduct a Compromise Assessment, you’re empowering your business to achieve specific, quantifiable, and measurable results to help reduce the impact of a breach. You can confidently answer if you’ve been breached and if you’re ready and resilient in case of a breach.

Key Benefits


Comprehensive Visibility

Gain insight outside the bounds of an endpoint-only compromise assessment approach. Automatically identify every user, device, and application—whether managed or unmanaged—for a wide-angle view of your environment including during a Merger & Acquisition.


Prioritize Remediation

Assess threats and detect malicious intent. Then, correlate behaviors with entities to detect the incidents that pose the most business risk.


Improve Incident Response Resilience

Combat the evolving threat landscape. Armed with greater context, you can quickly and effectively respond to threats and eject attackers, and prevent them from getting back in.


The Compromise Assessment reveals any past or ongoing weaknesses in your environment so you know what past or current comprises you need to address. These insights help you understand if your team is prepared for the challenge of identifying, containing, and remediating network threats. A Compromise Assessment gives you the confidence to know if you’ve experienced a breach in the past and if you’re capable of resiliency in the face of another.

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