CMMC Assessment

As the first Authorized C3PAO, our experience and collaborative approach ensures a fair, honest, and candid CMMC assessment for you and your organization.


Cybersecurity risks threaten the defense industrial base’s supply chain along with the national security of the U.S. government and has led to the development of the CMMC assessment framework to avoid or significantly reduce future losses due to cyber breaches. The CMMC framework is used to certify the cyber readiness of contractors doing business with the Department of Defense (DoD). A CMMC assessment must be conducted by an Authorized CMMC Third-Party Assessor Organization (C3PAO) in order to meet the DoD’s requirement.

Redspin, the first Authorized C3PAO Certified Third-Party Assessment Organization can perform the following CMMC Assessments:

Level 1 Assessment – Federal Contract Information (FCI)

Level 2 Assessment – Federal Contract Information (FCI) and Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)

Our experienced, professional CMMC assessment team understands that you are under significant pressure to complete your assessment in order to win federal contracts and our collaborative approach makes it as seamless as possible.

Why Redspin


Collaborative Approach

Our CMMC assessment is a collaborative process where we conduct a fair, honest, and candid assessment. We believe that taking a patient and shared approach with your subject matter experts during the assessment will result in a more positive experience for all.


Early CMMC Experience

From the beginning, our Provisional Assessor and our team have worked with the CMMC-AB to improve the CMMC Ecosystem and as the first Authorized C3PAO we intimately understand the process, sense of urgency, and cyber hygiene requirements from the Department of Defense (DoD).


History in Cyber

Since 2001, our team of experts – many of whom have served as CISOs, CIOs, Compliance and Privacy Officers or are military veterans and are U.S. citizens have worked with many of the leading Fortune 500 companies and those in highly regulated industries to ensure they have a security and privacy approach that is compliant and resilient against threats.


Your organization will be aligned with the best of the best CMMC cybersecurity experts to independently assess your organization in a fair, honest, and candid approach.

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