Meet the Team

We’ve brought together experts of their craft, building a robust team to influence, inspire, and impact the way the healthcare industry is prepared, rehearsed, and ready to respond to anything.

Our People

The ethos of our organization revolves around being ready — ready to deliver expertise, ready to go above and beyond to satisfy our clients’ needs, ready to support our teammates, and ready to work beside our clients from start to finish.

Leadership Team

Mac McMillin

Mac McMillan

CEO & President


Paul Anthony

CFO & Corporate Secretary

Fun Fact:
Paul enjoys fly fishing but doesn’t catch much


Ben Denkers

Chief Innovation Officer

Fun Fact:
Ben is addicted to smoking…BBQ


Rafael Lammie

VP People and Culture

Fun Fact:
Rafael is probably the world’s worst surfer

Thomas Grahm

Thomas Grahm

Vice President, CISO, CMMC Provisional Assessor

Fun Fact:
Thomas has survived almost every natural disaster including Volcanic Eruptions!


Carrie Mulcahy

Vice President of Marketing

Fun Fact:
Carrie has been to 48 countries


Dave Bailey

Vice President Security Services

Fun Fact:
Dave plans to retire smoking BBQ and singing


Steve Rivera

SVP of Sales

Fun Fact:
Steve attended high school with Ben Stiller

Walter Zuniga

Walter Zuniga

VP of IT Audit Services


Marti Arvin

VP of Privacy & Compliance

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