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WEBINAR: A Long Term Sprint Strategy to Improve Your Security

Wednesday, June 9th, 2021 at 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CST

The best defense comes from knowing your opponent’s offensive plays.

Join this webinar to learn manageable steps you can take to not only build, but also validate a strong, proactive game plan from Ethical Hacker and Red Team Veteran, Morgan Habecker, and industry leader, Ben Denkers.

Webinar Speakers

BEN DENKERS EVP of Operations

Ben Denkers, EVP of Operations Redspin, A Division of CynergisTek

Ben Denkers is the EVP of Operations at Redspin a Division of CynergisTek where he is responsible for supporting growth, ensuring effective and efficient service delivery, and achieving the highest levels of client and employee satisfaction for CynergisTek’s security, privacy and compliance services. Denkers has nearly 20 years of experience in information security and consulting that includes markets such as finance, automotive, energy, manufacturing, and healthcare.

As a leader, Denker’s has partnered with stakeholders across all levels to build consensus for unified approaches to achieve ambitious business and financial objectives. He has spearheaded the development and implementation of numerous programs and services that have become key revenue generators and/or operational components for several organizations.

Morgan Habecker, Manager, Red Team Services Redspin, A Division of CynergisTek

Morgan Habecker is a highly dedicated manager, security researcher, and penetration tester with more than ten years of experience forged through military service, professional acumen, and rigorous study.

Currently, Morgan manages the Redspin and CynergisTek Red Team, and provides deep-dive security consulting for medium and large-sized companies through exhaustive penetration testing tactics that mimic real-world attack scenarios and then educating his clients about best methods for securing their environment. Working as a consultant, Morgan also provided reviews of web and mobile applications but received commendations for his work in physical testing, social engineering, and realistic phishing scenarios.

MORGAN HABECKER Manager, Red Team Services

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