The “Yelp for Security Tools” – SecTools.Org 2011 Update

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Gordon Lyon, better known by his online alias of Fyodor and as the creator of the very popular (and awesome) tool Nmap has released the results of the Nmap 2010 User Survey which he performs every couple of years. The survey is filled out by members of the Nmap-Hackers mailing list, one of several mailing lists that Fyodor maintains which is made up of many smart minds in the security world. The 2010 survey had more than 3000 participants throw [ Read More ]

Wireless security controls are often too lax for the data they need to protect

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At Redspin we are often asked to perform wireless security assessments for organizations that have recently deployed or upgraded their wireless infrastructure with top-of-the-line access points (APs), controllers and wireless intrusion detection systems (WIDS). Many deployments are to support inter-office mobility – a need that has gone from a rising tide to a tsunami in parallel with the mass adoption of mobile devices such as smart phones and Apple iPads. Virtually every CIO and CSO that I meet these days [ Read More ]

Healthcare Data Breaches-Insider Job, Cybercrime, or Both?

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As required by section 13402(e) (4) of the HITECH Act, the HHS Secretary must post a list of breaches of protected health information (PHI)  impacting 500 or more individuals. In the past 2 years, over 11.8 million Americans have been affected in nearly 330 separate incidents. This information is contained in a publicly searchable and downloadable database. Thus many organizations (including Redspin) have published “PHI breach reports” which summarize the data and offer conclusions based on the results of the past [ Read More ]

Happy Birthday Healthcare Breach Notification Rule

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I wasn’t the only one celebrating a birthday last week. It's been exactly two years since the breach notification rule, mandated by the HITECH Act, took effect. Since then, 330 major health information breaches affecting 11.8 million individuals have been reported to the Department of Health and Human Services' Office for Civil Rights (OCR). And while major breaches are those that impact the largest number of Americans (500 or more per incident), it is worth noting that another 30,500 smaller [ Read More ]

Importing and Working with Nmap Scans in Metasploit Framework 4

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Importing Nmap scans directly into Metasploit is one of the best time-saving tricks you can accomplish while using the Metasploit Framework. Once the full Nmap data is happily in your PostgreSQL database and accessible to Metasploit you can do all kinds of cool things with it that will save you lots of time and frustration on a large penetration test. For this example I'm assuming you've got a fully functional PostgreSQL database already configured and accessible to Metasploit. This is [ Read More ]

Viewing GPO’s on the Commandline

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Want a quick way to see what GPO's are applied to your local system, just using built in utilities? Using the GUI to manually view what settings are applied is awkward and slow.  Use the following commands to see what policies are being handed down to the system you're on and what they're enforcing.  This info can be incredibly handy during a pentest in order to find out the limitations being imposed on a specific system you've compromised. It can [ Read More ]

New Windows Worm Squirming Through RDP

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I haven't seen a Windows worm in the wild in a long time. The last time a major worm infestation took place was in 2003 in the days of Blaster which spread via an unpatched flaw in RPC. That same year was Slammer, and Code Red a few years before in 2001. This new worm code named 'Morto' has been seen in the wild and is accounting for a spike in RDP traffic on 3389/tcp as it spreads. Users are [ Read More ]

Installing Metasploit 4 in Ubuntu 11.04

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Install the latest version of the Metasploit 4 Framework (MSF4) on Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal using the following commands. This downloads and installs the generic Linux binary which comes bundled with all the necessary components you need for Metasploit to install and run. This should work for most users and is the easiest way to get Metasploit Framework running under Ubuntu and other Debian based Linux distros quickly. In a Terminal type the following wget If you're installing on [ Read More ]

Testing Windows Passwords with Metasploit

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An attacker will take the path of least resistance in order to gain access to critical systems and data. During a penetration test we'll take the same tactic as well. Frequently this is accomplished by guessing a password to a users account and then either using the privileges of that account to gain access to critical data or escalating that account to an administrator or root level account. Once credentials have been acquired for one host you'll want to determine [ Read More ]

Exporting GPO’s Via the Commandline

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As security guys (and Linux/GNU fanboys), we tend to do absolutely everything possible via the commandline. This is pretty easy in Linux/Unix OS's, but unfortunately we deal with a lot of Windows boxen in our line of work, where it is less than easy at times. One common scenario we need to undertake is exporting all the GPO's in a certain domain or forest for later analysis. For a small place this isn't a big deal as there may only [ Read More ]
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